My Projects

The Challenge! (7DRL 2012)

The Challenge was written for the 7DRL Challenge 2012. Play a young, hopeful programmer on his quest to write a 7DRL! Get through the feared Dungeons of Development before the Seven Days of Magic are over! Wield powerful weapons such as vi and emacs! Run from bugs and seg­faults! Drink massive amounts of coffee to increase your laziness! And other stuff.

Get it here.

H.P. Roguelike (7DRL 2013)

H.P. Roguelike was written for 7DRL Challenge 2013. My brain is far too tired to write anything about it now, description will be added tomorrow.

Get it here.

Blacken (library)

Blacken is a powerful next-generation Java console emulator developed by Steven Black, to which I regularly contribute. It allows for fully platform-independent game development and especially supports roguelike games with its toolboxes offering important algorithms.

Get it here.

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